Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We've all been in that moment when we have to decide. Do we take a step into the unknown or do we stay in our comfort zones? I'm guessing most of our hours are spent just living the lives we've created--work, family, dinner, pay the bills, do "something" on that e-course we paid for, etc.

But if I follow my heart's desires with intention, I find it is easier to step outside that comfortable zone I've created. I can use my camera as a tool to look at something from a different perspective.  I can release my ideas and my art out into the world via blogging and just see what happens. My leaps of faith usually don't need to be big jumps. They don't necessarily require a huge time commitment.  Still, at times I hesitate--fearing---I'm not sure what I fear. Sometimes it's hard to take that step and really fly.

It's so encouraging to know I have wind beneath my wings--an incredibly supportive husband, a family that loves me, friends, and a community of friends and supporters I'm meeting via blogging.  The sharing is what makes it easier for me to take a leap again and again.

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