Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Organize This on Wednesday

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a post that I wanted to take a month off and organize my life--like that is even possible in 30 days! But, it got me thinking and I've decided to take another leap of faith and post my organizing escapades with any tips I've learned along the way.

I also realized as I was snapping photos this morning, that I'm allowing you into my private space. It's a little scary--sort of like starting a blog was scary for me.  But I'm doing it anyway and will just see where it leads us.

In this particular case, organization isn't about decorating. I have a private hideaway and wanted to create a space to journal so I used what was available. I love the results because its cozy, fits my needs and..ta da, it is organized! 

Where do you like to read, knit, browse through a magazine? Make a space special--for you.

1. Start small - give yourself 15-30 minutes and go with it.

2. Find a space with the right light and comfy atmosphere that appeals to you.  I'm fortunate to have a studio space over the garage where no one else wants to go but me. However, that type of privacy isn't always possible for young families. Perhaps you can find a corner in the bedroom or the end of the couch.

This is my prayer/meditation/journaling/reading chair. It's a photo prop that I got at a 2nd hand store. Same thing with the end table--a few years ago, I painted it some crazy colors as you can see.  

3. No need to go to the container store to organize. My basket holds favorite books and  journals. In the drawers of the table are pens and post-it notes because I always have abstract thoughts when I'm journaling.

4. I like to have a blanket or cozy shawl handy. It just makes me feel comfortable to know it is there.
This is another photo prop found in a 2nd hand store. Don't you love the texture?

 5. I needed something I love close by to give me some loving energy. This bowl was made by my daughter--probably in 9th grade. She's a mommy herself now.

 6. Finally, I added some rocks and shells for memories. I love the shapes and the textures.

I feel good organizing my little space. Hope you can do the same. Do have a favorite place to read or journal?


  1. Angela it looks so comfy and iI love your cupboard really funky... I'm trying to get my space sorted too it doesn't look as pretty as yours.....

  2. Thanks for sharing your special room. We all need a space where we can meditate, pray, read or whatever. This looks perfect.

  3. I love your space. It looks so nice and cozy! Everybody needs their own special spot :)

  4. Your space looks so inviting! Enjoy it!