Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Red and Peaceful (and texture)

Red is not a color I typically consider peaceful. But here it is saying "look at me" while my brain is saying, "breathe, enjoy, relax."  Of course this photo isn't just about the bridge. In addition, there is Spanish moss on the trees, the still waters, as well as my memory of the heat of the day in August. I love that the designer of these gardens gave us a splash of "look at me" red in the midst of all that slow-me-down lushness.

What does red say to you?

Texture Tuesday notes -
1. Cropped bit of sky out of photo and did a PhotoShop levels edit to bring out blacks.
2. Added a little "texture" with Topaz Adjust
3. Used Kim's Grunge texture at about 60% opacity.


  1. Lovely Angela and the red makes it pop..

  2. Love all the spanish moss, the pop of red from the bridge is so beautiful.