Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I enjoy looking at the world through graphic glasses. It isn't unusual for my camera to turn away from a beautiful scene (after I've clicked the shutter a few times) and point toward something with texture or graphic elements. As much as I can't stand for too much in my house to match, I do appreciate the texture, graphic images or repeating patterns outside the house. (Someone find me an analyst!)
Here's a perfect example..a lovely old window surrounded by vines. I was attracted to the rectangles, the architectural details and the weathering of the building.  The dormant vines was all I needed to click away.  
Do you notice that you repeatedly return to one type of subject in photography? Is that telling you something or perhaps it is something you are trying to communicate to others who see your work?? Me--I like many different things, but scattered through all my photographs I always will speak "graphically."
For Texture Tuesday, I used Old West texture by Kim to give a warmer look. Playing with textures if fun--you should try it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I thought it might be fun to link up with Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen.  Her inspiration for this week is "Cuppa."  If you like to play with layers and textures in your photographs, check it out.  For this particular photograph I kept the texture fairly mild and erased a bit of it from the flowers. The color is so brilliant (especially in January), I didn't to cover that up in any way.

There wasn't time to take photos today so this is from the archives. It's a favorite photo backdrop, my neighbor Monica's incredible amaryllis and my teapot and cup. Actually, the cup is from Germany and was my mother's. I used to drink out of cups like those as a child. Very Downton Abbey, don't you think?

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Bloggers are so inspiring. I've seen several words for the year with goals for each month supported by beautiful and inspirational digital artwork. My word for 2013 is "INTENTION" but right now I have no intention of creating artwork for it. Maybe later. (Perhaps my word should be procrastination.) Or maybe it is a good thing that I'm clear about my intentions.

There also were some wonderful blogger photo bucket lists.  Great idea. Usually when I write something down, it gets done--seems like a good reason to write myself notes that cover one-third of my desk on brightly colored post-its. Unfortunately that sounds and looks like clutter....I digress.

I've got some decent excuses for my recent lack of activity.  Injuries meant no carrying heavy equipment or sitting at the computer so I've barely pressed my shutter button. But I'm MUCH better. I have a new camera and tripod (and an empty wallet), so no more excuses.  

My INTENTION is to be spontaneous with my list so here goes
My meditation prayer spiral in the backyard.

2013 Photo Wish List

* Sunrise over the small lake across the street. Catch the Canada geese flying over in the morning.

* Blue Ridge Mountains in different weather (I can see them as we enter our neighborhood and love the change in their daily moods according to the light)

* My grandson - that's a tough one

* Neighbor pets - we don't have a dog or cat anymore, so it would be fun to play with them

* Create a digital 4 seasons artie-fartsie look for the bedroom

* Carry the camera and use it daily.

* Get in front of the camera (do I have to?)

There--done.  It is something I do all year with plenty of room to build on it.

It will be interesting in 2014 to see if I really did accomplish what I wrote down. 

Do you have a photo wish list for the year?

Peace, Angela

Wednesday, January 2, 2013



I love the beginning of a new year and I like the idea of setting goals or resolutions.

My intention is to change my approach to taking care of myself. I enjoy moving and stretching so I'm listening  to my body when it wants to move. I love vegetables so why not eat more of them? And I want to meet me as a 6-year-old.  I remember going to birthday parties and deciding on my own if I wanted ice cream OR cake. I knew if I ate both, I would feel awful--too much sweet stuff. It wasn't an agonizing decision, just a choice and one I was comfortable making.  I love that!

Finally, for the rest of my life, I want to nurture my creativity by playing and having a little fun! Here we come 2013!

My day began with a bowl of steel cut oats, a nice way to begin the rest of my life!