Friday, September 14, 2012


Thursday I had the honor and privilege of helping with a horse ride for two children who had many learning and balance issues.  The movement of a horse is healing to the body because it is natural. In past years, our family spent serious time at horse barns and those hours hold many special memories.

So here's my take on 5 horse barn facts...

1. Horses may come in all colors and sizes, but every one of them is incredibly beautiful and graceful. Don't you wish that people felt the same way about themselves?

2. Everything has a place.  Besides, I love the different textures in this photo so I wanted to use it.

Walking into the  barn yesterday I was once again reminded that you will always find dust and dirt in any barn, but an efficient one has an order to it.  There is a place for buckets, feed, medicine, helmets, saddles, etc.

For safety and security, each individual horse should have it's own halter and lead rope hanging outside the horse's stall (as in this photo) so it can be grabbed and used at a moment's notice.

3. Horses show their character. They are always open and honest. It's a lesson we all could learn.

This was painted on one of the stalls. There were other quotes as well as Bible verses on the stalls. It definitely is a barn where love is shared with no apologies.

4. When you are at a barn in the company of a horse, there always is time to stop and smell the roses--in this case, the hostas.

5. Horses (and ponies) have their own opinions.  Sometimes you need to be reminded to "put down the camera."

More facts--horse barns smell good. There is the manure thing, but a responsible care taker cleans the barn every single day. The good smells come from hay and certain types of feed. There is a comfort in being in the barn in the morning as the horses are fed. They "grumble" anxiously for their food. The feed buckets are pushed against the stall walls with a certain rhythm as the horses eat. The sound of them munching is meditative.


  1. I love how this starts and ends with the front and back view of the horse.

  2. LOVE THIS! Horses remind me of giant dogs. I used to have one... doesn't every little girl dream of owning a horse. When I got divorced, I had to leave her behind in Wyoming. I miss her. She used to stare in the window at the house after I left my kids told me (during that first summer they went back to visit their dad). They're beautiful creatures!

  3. I will definitely look at horse barns differently next time. I love the black and white photo.

  4. oh your photos are lovely...that first one.. on my.... swoon.... what a gift to share the heart and soul of horses with children who need it a little love and healing....

    thank you for joining 5 facts....

  5. I always wanted a horse...lovely photos!

  6. We have horses on our farm and I love just even being with them. Your photos are beautiful.

  7. Love your horse facts! Great shots too ;)

  8. What a beautiful horse they always look so wise to me ... Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting me on Desktop Dreams.....

  9. I agree with all of these. I've loved horses all my life and had them for nearly 15 years as well. Your photos around the barn are great -- love them all!