Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Summer for me is all about the red, white and blue--about being grateful for the diversity of the country where I was born and the many freedoms I have as an American. 

I crave summer on Memorial Day when I look forward to long days and the lushness of the garden and flowers responding to heat. On July 4th I need a picnic with family. Preferring a lazy day with good food on the grill, not too much fuss and fireworks of course, it's all about relaxation. Finally there is Labor Day. The days are noticeably shorter (boo-hoo) and hopefully cooler. The garden is starting to die and that is OK. I've loved and eaten fresh tomatoes almost daily and for right now, I'm willing to let them go.

Although summer isn't officially over until later this month, I usually give it my personal fond farewell on Labor Day.

But the red, white and blue feeling continues. I put the flag out today because it is September 11. Instead of sadness, I am reminded once again of all the good there is in the world.  Today we remember heros in and out of uniform. We remember that in times of trouble and great distress, we respond with kindness, bravery, compassion,  and generousity to strangers.  What a complicated and incredible world we have!

One of my favorite authors, Marianne Williamson, tells me over and over again that in all we do, we can walk toward fear or we can walk toward love.

I'm putting away the red, white and blue that decorated my entry hall for the summer, but the love is there.  And isn't it wonderful that we can share a love of tossing our thoughts and ideas around the Internet?  It really is an incredible world!

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  1. Beautiful sentiments. And I really like that photo...the reflection of those beautiful blue bottles in the mirrow, quite lovely :)