Monday, December 26, 2011

I remember

Ghosts of Christmas past--

* Snow. My brother and I would walk with our dad on quiet snowy mornings traveling into the piney depths of a nearby forest. Our loyal dog, Cissie, would get snowballs entangled in her hair because her belly dragged through the deep snow.

* more snow - we lived where there was lots of snow every winter. Luckily there also was a big hill made for every kid in the neighborhood and their sled. Cissie was there too and enjoyed riding the sled with us.

* Cookies. As a kid, I loved the Spritz cookie press. Nothing like green food coloring and a few sprinkles of sugar to make you feel like a kid again.

* Feeding the birds - stringing popcorn, orange slices and cranberries to offer as a gift to our woodland friends was something we did with our daughter in our first home one Christmas Eve. The next morning, every morsel was gone.

* Showing off your "stuff" - It was common in our neighborhood, to visit our friends Christmas afternoon prounding wearing a new sweater, coat, etc.

* Lights - remember those large colored bulbs on the live tree? I would turn off all the lights in the room, turn on the music and just stare at the tree.

So many more memories of course. Share some.