Monday, July 30, 2012


Seems like everyone I talk to is interested in the Olympics. We are too. Our common practice to record the events, then speed through the commercials and anything else that doesn't interest us. Remember when we used to have to get up just to change channels? Or was that before your time (no need to answer that)?

I'm not a big sports buff, but I do love Great Britain. We celebrated our wedding anniversary with a trip there last year so I thought it might be fun to offer a few non-athletic posts.

Love the graphic elements of the wires. Did you ever notice every city has a different name for it's subway system?

I feel safer already!
The block around the famous Harrod's on the left was this lovely pale terra cotta.  I didn't buy a thing (there).  
We were fortunate to see a practice run of a parade for the Queen. Not too much of a crowd!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Isn't it fun to just "let go?" I wish I did it more often. This blog was an exercise in just letting go because I knew nothing about blogging, I just jumped in. The frustration level comes when I drag my feet because I think I don't have subject matter.

The same thing with this photo. I was taking some photos for a working project and during the processing part of it, I needed some playtime. Call it procrastination--I think initially the term fit, but I enjoyed the time spent making this black and white sunshine. The project is still waiting, but I'm thinking maybe I should use this technique.  So maybe playtime turned into art time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The e-class I'm taking now, Behind the Scenes, has asked all participants to answer 5 questions today and post them on their blogs.  It's a way for all of us to get to know one another and share the love of learning together.

This was a fun exercise. You should try it. Let me know what your answers would be!

5 Questions

1. What makes you happy?….. in 5 words or less….?

FAMILY - FOOD - FRIENDS - PHOTOGRAPHY (not always in that order)

2. Which talent would you most like to have?

a painter OR...
tap dancing looks FUN

3. Which words or phrases do you overuse most?

there is a moaning sound when I eat something delicious

4. What is your favorite movie, book or both?

Singing in the Rain - Great music and Gene Kelly, do I have to explain???

Book - A Year by the Sea

or To Kill A Mockingbird

5. If you could go anywhere in the world for a creative retreat where might it be?

Taos, New Mexico

Monday, July 16, 2012

Creativity...thru the eyes of a child

All children are naturally creative. On a rainy afternoon, there are forts to build out of cardboard boxes; collages to create with old magazines, a glue stick and safety scissors; and doll fashions are made with few of mom's old scarves. Children's imaginations are boundless, they are fearless in their willingness to experiment. 

I take incredible joy from watching anything my grandson enjoys doing. Since he could walk, he preferred running so playing outside is normally is his  first choice for something to do--soccer, his new bike, pushing his big yellow truck or loving on the neighborhood dogs are all favorite past times.

Yesterday we were asked to take a few photos of our church's new construction. He delighted in walking around the building checking out the changes and asking a multitude of questions.  He also wanted to snap a few photos himself. He chose the subjects.  "Let's take a photo of these flowers, " he says. I explained it's a bush. "Well, it's pretty." So there you have it.  Creative thinking from a 5 year old. From his level, the leaves are green and red and pretty. What else do you need?

Our photowalk contined and he insisted on taking my photo in the new playground that is being created. Here's his Omi.  It was wonderful for me because of the shared experience of two things I love--my grandson and photography. I hope the experience continues growing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 Life is about experimentation. Is that news or am I just slow on the uptake?  There seem to be endless ways to experiment with daily life.

Dinner often is an experiment in my kitchen--I like trying new spices and herbs, new ways of serving chicken breasts---again; new ideas for the wealth of fresh vegetables we're enjoying now.  Thankfully I have a husband who appreciates my need to wander off the recipe page.

I experiement with new clothes, I move things around in the house, I try a new strategy of getting my grandson to eat his vegetables. It's all an experiment and not expected to stay that way forever. I would be bored if it did.

And of course there is photography--dawn, sunset, grey days. In the processing stage, there are textures and adjustments and filters. When I want to create something new, I can experiment away a couple of hours. This particular photo was done more quickly.  Our group arrived at the beach while it was still very dark and raining. This was taken as the rain stopped and the sun began to share its light with our side of the globe. The only processing was a new texture I applied, changed the mode to soft light and used a layer mask to remove some of the filter from the beams so they would not appear washed out.

To experiment is to go on a daily adventure. Perhaps that is why having a camera by my side gives me such a thrill!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunrise On the Beach

On this particular day, I was fortunate to capture a lovely sunrise with great clouds in Cape May, NJ.  Being near the beach I feel it's power and it's source of life. The salty smell, the treasure chest of shells, the sounds of the water, the feel of the wind on my face all call to me and give me peace.

Summer at the beach brings back memories of suntan oil that smelled like coconuts and made the sand stick to my skin. There were sand castles to build. I think it was just as much fun to watch the rising surf enter our "moat" and slowly melt the hour-long efforts of my brother and I with our buckets and shovels . And who doesn't remember the joy of feeling sand in awkward places in their bathing suit. YEW!

Summer time with its heat, humidity, thunderstorms, tomatoes, peaches and days at the beach. Life is very good.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why Do I Want To Blog?

So I ask myself, "why do I want to blog?" Actually this question was the first assignment of the Reflection of You e-course I just started so I'm taking the time to think about it.

Blogs discovered me a few months ago. My new neighbor and good friend, Monica has a blog where she shares updates of her life with friends and family.  And as I started looking online, the blogging world opened to me. Guess I'm not telling you anything new, but there are blogs out there for a-n-y thing!  So I was sort of hooked.  

One concern was time. How do I blog regularly and not allow it to suck up all my time???  I haven't figured that out yet, but I'm guessing some discipline is going to be involved. If you have any tips, please pass them along.

So why do I blog...I can't come up with just one answer.

1. Connection to people of similiar interests

2. A hope to find an artist's community

3. Curiousity and Inspriation - I know how I cook, photograph, etc. I want to know more about how you approach it.

4. A love of photography - Some of my favorite blogs pop with color and wonder.

5. A love of combining photography, texture and words - call it a passion. I can not get enough.

So now I ask...why do you blog?

p.s. It'sclose to 100 degrees here and after Friday night's storm, some are still without electricity. So I couldn't resist including a "cool" memory taken last June. I was in a raincoat on a boat and loving every minute of it!

Plymouth Harbor (England) .