Monday, July 16, 2012

Creativity...thru the eyes of a child

All children are naturally creative. On a rainy afternoon, there are forts to build out of cardboard boxes; collages to create with old magazines, a glue stick and safety scissors; and doll fashions are made with few of mom's old scarves. Children's imaginations are boundless, they are fearless in their willingness to experiment. 

I take incredible joy from watching anything my grandson enjoys doing. Since he could walk, he preferred running so playing outside is normally is his  first choice for something to do--soccer, his new bike, pushing his big yellow truck or loving on the neighborhood dogs are all favorite past times.

Yesterday we were asked to take a few photos of our church's new construction. He delighted in walking around the building checking out the changes and asking a multitude of questions.  He also wanted to snap a few photos himself. He chose the subjects.  "Let's take a photo of these flowers, " he says. I explained it's a bush. "Well, it's pretty." So there you have it.  Creative thinking from a 5 year old. From his level, the leaves are green and red and pretty. What else do you need?

Our photowalk contined and he insisted on taking my photo in the new playground that is being created. Here's his Omi.  It was wonderful for me because of the shared experience of two things I love--my grandson and photography. I hope the experience continues growing.

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