Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 Life is about experimentation. Is that news or am I just slow on the uptake?  There seem to be endless ways to experiment with daily life.

Dinner often is an experiment in my kitchen--I like trying new spices and herbs, new ways of serving chicken breasts---again; new ideas for the wealth of fresh vegetables we're enjoying now.  Thankfully I have a husband who appreciates my need to wander off the recipe page.

I experiement with new clothes, I move things around in the house, I try a new strategy of getting my grandson to eat his vegetables. It's all an experiment and not expected to stay that way forever. I would be bored if it did.

And of course there is photography--dawn, sunset, grey days. In the processing stage, there are textures and adjustments and filters. When I want to create something new, I can experiment away a couple of hours. This particular photo was done more quickly.  Our group arrived at the beach while it was still very dark and raining. This was taken as the rain stopped and the sun began to share its light with our side of the globe. The only processing was a new texture I applied, changed the mode to soft light and used a layer mask to remove some of the filter from the beams so they would not appear washed out.

To experiment is to go on a daily adventure. Perhaps that is why having a camera by my side gives me such a thrill!

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  1. What a powerful photo. Yes life is an experiment, and I love to experiment every night with dinner. This is the fun of creativity.