Monday, July 30, 2012


Seems like everyone I talk to is interested in the Olympics. We are too. Our common practice to record the events, then speed through the commercials and anything else that doesn't interest us. Remember when we used to have to get up just to change channels? Or was that before your time (no need to answer that)?

I'm not a big sports buff, but I do love Great Britain. We celebrated our wedding anniversary with a trip there last year so I thought it might be fun to offer a few non-athletic posts.

Love the graphic elements of the wires. Did you ever notice every city has a different name for it's subway system?

I feel safer already!
The block around the famous Harrod's on the left was this lovely pale terra cotta.  I didn't buy a thing (there).  
We were fortunate to see a practice run of a parade for the Queen. Not too much of a crowd!


  1. Love the policeman with the vibrant colors against the brick. I would go back to London in a heartbeat, maybe not while the Olympics are there though:)

  2. The policeman looks very laid back and the guards always look brilliant altho I live in the UK it's quite some time since I've been there but once Autumn has arrived I plan to go up.