Thursday, August 9, 2012


My imagination tells me to rise at 5:30 every morning for a little yoga, journaling, inspirational reading and prayer before I walk, hike or go to the gym.  Coffee or tea isn't necessary, mostly I'm a water drinker, but I would have to get up at 4:30 am to get all that done!

When I think of "routine," my initial reaction is "boring."  But experience tells me "soothing" is a more appropriate description.  Like the steps in this photo, routine is something planned and expected. The steps are a measured distance apart. Your brain begins to know how high to lift your foot so you don't stumble.  

Sometimes I think I'm more like the graffiti--controlled yet unexpected, spontaneous with the potential to be messy.

So my routines aren't usually at the same times every day, but they are woven through my life to help me focus.

Here are some things I do regularly that a younger person would probably call "routine AND boring."

* Schedule gym time 3 days a week.

* Stretch some part of my body every day. I also am having "a thing" with my foam roller which I recommend to everyone who has an ache.

* Pray in some way as much as possible. More some days than others.

* Attempt an attitude of gratitude.

* I've got to include check email in there someplace. It's never a planned time, but I'm thinking I check it too often.

* Call my mother daily, listen, try not to give advice,  and always say "I love you."

* Check my calendar in the evening to see what preparation I need to make for the following day.

* Apply lip balm before I go to bed. I know--weird.

What's your routine?


  1. I am a routine girl too. Mine starts with prayer then exercise then breakfast then more exercise. Then on to what ever the day has planned.

  2. Love that photographed and then I was totally delighted when I read that you call your mother everyday! Diane