Thursday, October 20, 2011

Decorating Our Nests

Since families lived in caves we have felt the need to express ourselves by decorating our dwellings. In the 60s, avocado green and gold were THE hot colors whether you were buying new shag carpet or a new-fangled appliance such as a blender.  In the 70s I once lived in a furnished trailer for six months that included large appliances that were dusty rose pink. It was difficult to be creative in a muted pepto bismol bottle.

Today taste isn't just about color. Cottage, French country, modern and something called shabby chic are splashed throughout design magazines.

But at this time of year, we put all that aside and think ORANGE.

Go into into any store and you are guaranteed a wide selection of glittery, shiny, scary, funny, plastic and blow-up  decorations to make your lawn a festive canvas of Halloween gloom and doom.

For our home, I prefer a pile of different types of pumpkins with some straw and dry cornstalks. But I love the Americana of orange pumpkin lights, flying witches and ghostly webs hanging in the trees seen throughout the neighborhoods, particularly where children live. There you find the excitement of deciding what super hero or princess you will be on that one night of the year when it's acceptable to ask neighbors for candy.

It's time to put those tombstones in the yard, buy candy that you will try not to eat, and fall in love with orange all over again.

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