Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saying Good Bye to Summer

With the flip of the calendar there is a shift in the wind and weather.  Fall has shown its face in Virginia. Although I welcome the joys of autumn--crisp air, sitting near a fire, a warm cup of tea, the change of colors from greens to oranges, golds and reds, I need to say my farewells to summer.

Farewell to tomatoes warm from the garden.  You have blessed me with juiciness and an acidity that nothing can match. You are the reason to make a farmers' market chopped salad. Your simplicity invites a touch of fresh basil or dill and a stroke of extra virgin olive oil all sprinkled with salt and pepper. You are my king of summer tastes.

And good-bye to the delicate leaves of basil. You've dressed our salads and created some lovely dishes with your pesto goodness.  Walking through the garden, just brushing against your leaves, you shared that delicious scent of summer.

As light fades, after-dinner strolls slip out of our schedule. It becomes too dark and too cold to stroll outside watching the children play or just visiting with neighbors. 

Temperatures will continue to drop and then the final good bye is to the screen porch.  Except on the warmest summer days, the porch is a great place to share a meal, read a book or listen to nature. There you can watch the birds and squirrels, hear the rapid sounds of rain falling from leaf to leaf, or wonder at the flight of a hummingbird.

We must say good-bye to summer so we can welcome the joys of fall. It is time to find those warm yoga pants, some socks, a cuddly blanket and a good book.  I can smell the soup simmering now. 

Please share your summer good byes. And your hellos!

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