Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art on the Highway of Life

Yesterday, hubbie and I were on a four lane by-pass in town that includes artists' outdoor sculptures scattered here and there. We've talked about them often, but this time, I said, "STOP!" (Luckily there was a ramp where he could pull off the road.) 

It was noon so the sun was high, but I grabbed my camera which had a 50mm lens attached. I wanted to take a closer look at what we call "whales' tails" for that is what they are.

Their graceful lines are surrounded by noise, power lines and humans rushing to their next destination.  Yet the tails' presence is powerful and peaceful at the same time.

This final view isn't very peaceful for it shows the hustle and bustle of life and how those tails fit into that.

It's my belief that creativity can be found in the everyday "stuff" and that art is not limited to something hanging in a gallery or featured in an outdoor sculpture. But as we rush through our days, it is so easy to rush by the beauty and art of life. Truly seeing life with a camera and words is one reason I first was attracted to blogs this summer. It is there I see cooking blogs highlighting flaky pie crusts or a steaming bowl of soup on the kitchen table. Photographers feature red berries dripping with autumn's rain, children concentrating on their finger paints, and dogs entertaining us all with their expressions. Bloggers give of themselves in their opinions, their crafts, children, etc.  Isn't all that and more the art of life?

Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop, to appreciate, to be grateful for art on the side of a highway, for my husband loving me for better or worse, for family and friendship, for my church community, for the wonder of nature, and for so much more.

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