Wednesday, January 2, 2013



I love the beginning of a new year and I like the idea of setting goals or resolutions.

My intention is to change my approach to taking care of myself. I enjoy moving and stretching so I'm listening  to my body when it wants to move. I love vegetables so why not eat more of them? And I want to meet me as a 6-year-old.  I remember going to birthday parties and deciding on my own if I wanted ice cream OR cake. I knew if I ate both, I would feel awful--too much sweet stuff. It wasn't an agonizing decision, just a choice and one I was comfortable making.  I love that!

Finally, for the rest of my life, I want to nurture my creativity by playing and having a little fun! Here we come 2013!

My day began with a bowl of steel cut oats, a nice way to begin the rest of my life!     


  1. A wonderful hearty breakfast, perfect for the start of a new year.

  2. Love it! Listening...a great theme for the new year. ;)