Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I enjoy looking at the world through graphic glasses. It isn't unusual for my camera to turn away from a beautiful scene (after I've clicked the shutter a few times) and point toward something with texture or graphic elements. As much as I can't stand for too much in my house to match, I do appreciate the texture, graphic images or repeating patterns outside the house. (Someone find me an analyst!)
Here's a perfect example..a lovely old window surrounded by vines. I was attracted to the rectangles, the architectural details and the weathering of the building.  The dormant vines was all I needed to click away.  
Do you notice that you repeatedly return to one type of subject in photography? Is that telling you something or perhaps it is something you are trying to communicate to others who see your work?? Me--I like many different things, but scattered through all my photographs I always will speak "graphically."
For Texture Tuesday, I used Old West texture by Kim to give a warmer look. Playing with textures if fun--you should try it!


  1. Just love the vines, they were made to go with that window.

  2. This is wonderful! I love the sepia tones. I love to capture the unusual as well.