Friday, February 1, 2013


Forty years ago you invited the boss over for dinner with his wife and all the other managers in your company and their wives. Women wore dresses, hose and heels.  The hair probably had hairspray in it.  It wasn't unusual to use the china, crystal and silver you received as wedding and anniversary presents.  And forget about putting that stuff in a dishwasher if you had one.

Who lives like that now? Royalty--or maybe Donald Trump.  Somebody with servants. Not me. I love mis-matched pottery and potlucks and I'm happy to add that only friends and family cross the threshold now.

We moved four years ago to be closer to family and got rid of A LOT of stuff. Clearly not enough. This week, the process of clearing out started again.

These lovely Gorham lead crystal glasses were gathering dust in a cabinet.

The crystal somehow goes with the lacy tablecloth that requires ironing.

I let the glasses go. They are included in an estate sale this weekend with other items that begged to be dusted but were not used. 

It's a little sad because these glasses speak of another time when dinner was an event.  (I keep thinking of Downton Abbey. Can you imagine getting dressed for dinner EVERY night? Where are the comfy yoga pants when you need them?)

Anyway---I said good-bye.  I feel a slight sense of loss and at the same time feel "lighter." Besides, it wasn't a total good-bye. This lonely glass was left behind because of a slight chip. So I enjoyed a glass of wine and toasted "another time, another life."

NOTE: I'm enjoying Kim's 52-week class Beyond Beyond. The assignment in week 1 was to take a series of photos of the same topic from a different perspective.  Life then and life now also is a different perspective. It all changes.


  1. Excellent post Angela!! What a great story to go with your assignment. I immediately thought of Downtown Abbey as well. I had a similar thought this week when I saw the cups from the China set I got when we got married 26 years ago. Who gets China when they get married nowadays? Probably no one.

  2. Lovely post! I love all of my old pieces...and can't part with them yet. Not worried about dressing up and things not matching anymore. Simplifying is where many of us seem to be these days. Thought about giving to my children and their families...and they are not the least bit interested. What is valued has changed, and I think it has needed to for some time.