Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We love our friends. They listen. They are aware of our bumps and love us anyway. We share life experiences--times in our lives that only come back when we tell stories or look at photographs. Friends may work together, they have lunch and shop, they laugh or cry over a cup of tea or a glass of wine, they like to go on trips together. Friendships are precious and worth the time to nurture. 

And yes, I'm selling one of my friends.

She is beautiful, a great listener and she ALWAYS tells me when I make mistakes.  I still love her, but I've really moved on. We don't go out for walks anymore.   Now others remind me when I'm technically malfunctioning. I'm not young, but I'm trying to keep up, but my friend still clings to the old way of doing things. I thought I would too. I thought an artist "would only use film." Then one day several years ago I met a new techie friend. No more days in the dark room looking at negatives my friend and I produced together.  No more watching the "magic" of a photograph peering out of the chemicals. (I sort of miss those days.) Now lucky me--my darkroom is me hunched over a computer!

My friend needs those days. And I found someone who will care for her and use her. Good-bye to this lovely twin-lens reflex medium format beauty. Five lenses. Manual all the way. Thank you for making memories with me.

PHOTO NOTE: The following was an exercise in playing with Aperture Priority (I usually stay on Manual but I enjoyed this exercise.) I also played with depth of field by changing the aperture or f-stop. And as you can see, I had a little fun with textures on the first two. The last one is a black and white. Because my background and subject was black and white, it almost fools the eye except for that spot of color on the camera.


  1. What a wonderful camera! These photos turned out great! Love the textures too! Great job!

  2. A super special Valentine and love of a camera.

  3. how incredibly sweet...are you sure you want to give her up?
    beautiful photos and texture...coming over from kim klassen texture tuesday...

  4. I've honestly never even heard of this camera! Don't think I could have given up on this love affair!! I would have enjoyed being the recipient of this sale!! It's awesome, and the textures make it even more so! First time visit from Kim's texture challenge. :)

    1. This type of camera may have been before your time! The brand name was very common and respected like Canon and Nikon. And the medium format film gave you a larger negative so you could enlarge it more than the small 35mm negative. It was a sweet older model when I got it. You have to look down into the camera and your image appears upside down as you focus it. It takes practice!!

  5. Oh wow! Incredible image and beautiful use of textures! I love your old friend :) She's beautiful! Happy Valentine's!

  6. Hard to give up on some friends...I completely understand as I'm in the process of giving up a few myself! Lovely photos, as usual!