Wednesday, March 6, 2013

INTENTION - no snow photos

The title may be misleading. Actually, I love snow photos. I just didn't take one today despite the yard full of the white stuff.  In Virginia near the Blue Ridge Mountains, snow isn't unusual, but it is an event.
I promised myself last night to focus my work today on my 2013 word, "intention." So I "intentionally" avoided the snow photos (It's still white out there but raining now.)  This afternoon I got out my Wacom tablet, my updated PhotoShop CS6 and my experience.
Here's the result.
My intention was to create a slide for PowerPoint that can be used at our contemporary service when someone is baptized. This week also was about experimentation because I normally work in Manual Mode but tried Aperture Priority (a challenge from one of Kim's classes.)  
Looking at the end result, I am pleased, but even more satisfying was the journey--working alone in a darkened, quiet sanctuary with a tripod and my camera was a spiritual experience. And having the time, the creative energy and the tools to make something a little different and new is satisfying. Thank you for a snow day that reminded me to slow down and just take the time to listen.   
What's your creative voice telling you?
Photo Notes:
To get the reflection of the window in the water I took two photos. The focus point on the first one is at the front of the bowl. For the second photo, the focus point was the reflection. In PhotoShop, I pulled one over the other, created a mask and use the tool brush at 20% opacity to brush away the out of focus window.


  1. This is a wonderful accomplishment. I love how you create this beautiful image with such intention and grace. It turned out so well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Fantastic a beautiful effect thanks for sharing....

  3. Angela this is absolutely breathtaking. You did an excellent job. And way to be brave and post it on FB, you should do more of this. As someone who runs the Power Point on Sundays at our church, I would love to have this slide up on the big screen :)

  4. I didn't pick a word this year -- but if I did intention would have been in the running! This is absolutely gorgeous! The few times I taken photos inside our church, I've felt that same way. : )

  5. great job Angela! Looking forward to a lot more of your 'experiments' this year.