Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This is my "snow" photo from our latest round of a few inches. It also qualifies as a personal version of an inside out photo for a Beyond Beyond challenge.

One of the many wonderful things about living in Virginia is that we get snow and it melts, then we get snow and it melts.  Sunday evening the yard was white, today most of it is gone.  I'm ready for the warmer temperatures to show up. I'm tired of pulling dead leaves that have blown into the rosemary and picking up fallen limbs. I'm ready for some green! There is promise out there. Walking around the yard today I can see the pink tint in the tight blooms of the little redbud tree and our lilac is showing shades of green.

Tomorrow hubbie and I are headed to a large nursery to browse and gather inspiration. I'll buy annuals  for the pots on the front porch (cheaper now because they are smaller--besides I can't wait any longer.)  And I know I'll find some other annuals and perennials that would look perfect in just the right spot. Then we begin the daily task of putting them outside to soak up the sun and bringing them back into the garage to doze in safety from freezing temperatures at night.  Even that task has a hopeful quality to it of things to come.

Walking through a nursery in March nurtures my soul. The smell of moist earth mixed with the glorious riot of colors brings out a creative frenzy in me. I have to restrain myself from seeing more potential than the yard can hold. 

It's fun to welcome spring with dirt under my fingernails.

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  1. How exciting a trip to the nursery. Nothing like some blasts of color to stir the soul.