Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reflection of Life

Most of the time I think I'm pretty good at downsizing. I've moved several times, I've helped other family members move. I can organize and downsize with intention and focus.

There is always a BUT and here it is--I also appreciate having things in our home that tell a story, that are reflective of who we are. That means we have stuff. We have a large rug that can tell a story because it was delivered frozen. Then there is the set of china given to us by my German grandmother and grandfather as a wedding present. They were visiting us when Clark and I became engaged.  I was allowed to select china I liked--she had total veto power and used it. The tea cups (something I never use anymore) had to be a shape that met with her approval.

The story of these blue bottles is that I simply like them.  They are a part of my life everyday. The bottles sit in the entry hall on an old chest that family history claims was moved via wagontrain at one time.  And everyday I can see my love of color, shapes, reflective qualities and simplicity in these modest blue bottles.  In their own way, they are a part of my everyday story.

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