Saturday, March 17, 2012

Slowing Down

The sound of a cup being gently placed into a saucer after a sip of hot tea is soothing to my ear and gives me memories of women gathered around a table "just because." The only goal was to enjoy tea, a sweet and one another. Admittedly, I've let go of the tradition of china tea cups, there are mugs in the house. I can't tolerate caffeine (except a little chocolate) so herbal tea is my choice.

The cup and saucer in the photograph was my mother's--something she purchased in Germany. It has a matching dessert plate. There are eight cups, saucers and plates--each set has a different pattern.  Since our mother moved into a smaller home in 2010, I  own four of the sets and my brother has the other four.
I grew up eating desserts and drinking tea from these dishes on special days, particularly when my German grandmother was visiting. 

It's rare that I just sit with other women and talk while enjoying some truly special dessert.  Do we always have to watch what we eat???

I am blessed to have female friends. My friend, Monica, allowed me to borrow this magnificent amaryllis so it could pose in front of my camera.  The process of arranging this photo helped me slow down and just enjoy.

There are other ways I slow my pace. Monica and I like to walk together sharing our plans for the day. We have lingered over some delicious Chinese food.  One time we decided to order dessert after lunch because it was raining and seemed like a logical way to spend the time.  

Other friends have given me their hugs, their encouragement, their advice and their time.

Handling this old china tea cup reminded me once again, that slowing down, letting to of the techology and the speed of life is a simple pleasure that will stay with me much longer than one more text or one more email or one more thing I check off the to-do list.

I'm going to boil some water for a cup of tea.   

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