Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reporting to God

My mind thinks up crazy things as I'm falling asleep. Sometimes it's ordinary like, "I forgot to lock the back door."  But many times, I have irrational thoughts that make little sense.  Two nights ago  as I was drifting into sleep I remember thinking, "I wonder what it would be like to report to God like I used to report to a boss?" Where this came from I do not know. I'm involved in a couple of Bible studies which I enjoy. I try to involve God in my daily life, but am forgetful at times.  More about that in future posts.

This thought of reporting to God has followed me around for two now and I'm rather attracted to the idea. I've had all kinds of bosses. One was an alcoholic who was smart when he was sober which wasn't often. Thankfully, he didn't come to work often either and we learned to be independent. Another boss was distant--literally. He worked in another building and I can't remember him ever dropping by my office. You went to him only when necessary. More independence.  In my career I had other bosses and there were times when I was a manager as well. I learned a two big things from those experiences

1. Don't micro manage. People have brains, let them use them. (And although boss and employee have the same goal, they may take different paths to attain it. Let it happen.)

2. Communicate. If you mess up, fess up.  It really is a team effort. If you are humble, the boss is always understanding (although there can be some tension on his/her part.) 

So how does any of this involve reporting to God? I'm not sure. From my understanding, God doesn't micro manage, but he does appreciate communication.  He wants me to understand that he is the boss and I am not. He wants me to share my burdens--tell him where I'm troubled and where I'm grateful. A good manager cares about the whole person, not just the productive side of the equation. I believe that God wants to be involved in it all, but it is up to me to allow that--to give up that independence I wanted so much when I first became a professional.  And when I report to God, it's 24-7.  I like the idea of being on God's team. 

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