Friday, January 27, 2012

I've always liked this photo but I've never done anything with it. That happens A LOT. I yearn to take my camera for a walk, I go out in various types of weather, come back refreshed, load the photos on to the computer and do nothing with them.

This particular shot was taken at a retreat with some yoga buddies a few years ago. No yoga was involved in the weekend. It was a time to get away and enjoy the company of other women. This photo reminds me of that time and space in my life. I feel the peace of that morning when I look at this photo. I remember getting up, grabbing my camera and heading to the kitchen to catch the light.

I'm at a place now when I want to do something with my photos. I want them to speak to me and share them with others and just see what happens.

Tonight I added the layers of texture and the Bible verse. I thought the verse was appropriate for yesterday's post so I couldn't resist it.

I hope that sometimes you find those peaceful mornings when you can just be.

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