Friday, June 29, 2012

It can be easy being green.

The Shutter Sisters blog has been challenging us focus our cameras on different colors this month. And today, the final day of the challenge, we could pick a color. That's a tough one for me because I love color--my office is a mild mango, the kitchen is dark sage green.  I love them all but am especially attracted to the colors of nature so today I chose green.


This is a young Easter lily. Before they blossomed into white, fragrant flowers, these lilies were the palest green. I love the delicate texture of the flower too. It holds so much promise.

And of course something else green this year was my grandson's T-Ball uniform. If you ever get a chance to watch a game--GO! It is so much fun. There are no outs, no scorekeeping. It's just little kids learning how to play baseball. Some children learn the joys of playing with dirt in their new leather glove or how pretty the flowers are in the outfield that a plane making that noise?   Despite all the distractions, it was amazing how quickly everyone learned to field a ball or throw to first base.  A pro in the making....


  1. Fantastic blog. Met you on Reflection of YOU.

    1. Thanks Diana. I REALLY needed a push with blogging and am excited to be a part of the class. Looking forward to seeing more of you there!