Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home is where your vote is

Today is a special day--a day when as American citizens we have the right to vote for our leaders and representatives.   Last night I imagined how the various candidates for Sheriff, Board of Supervisors, Senate etc. in our county and across this nation were feeling.  I'm guessing they were exhausted yet excited,  and most certainly glad the day has finally arrived.  The big decision to run, the fund-raising, the volunteers, the meetings, the hand shaking and my favorite part (ugh!)--the advertising---have done their work and now the voters just need to show up and do theirs.

Unfortunately, Americans aren't very good at the voting part. That is a proven fact.  We have so much. Why do we let others decide who is going to run our cities, counties, townships, boroughs and our country? Why don't we get involved? Just asking...

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