Sunday, July 7, 2013


Reading through some e-class notes, I was reminded of a challenge to post "10 Truths" about myself.  So I'm going to jump in.

1.  No matter what type of day I'm experiencing or what plans I have, it can change in an instant because family is always first.

2. I love my church family too. There I find support and encouragement to be me.

3. I love God. Should that be #1? Don't know and I realize this can create all types of discussion, but I'm trying to put my truths out there so here it is.

4. Texture, color in that order (most of the time.)

5. I seem to search out graphic designs and/or texture when a camera is in my hand. Hence the selected photo.

6. I need lots of alone time to read, study, think, create, be.

7.  During the summer,  my screened porch is my evening oasis where I read, study, think, create, be.

8. There is a love/hate relationship in my life with email and Facebook. They can consume a lot of time.  

9. Amazon is my friend.

10. I love rain.

That covered a lot of territory. Now your turn!

1 comment:

  1. Great list. You didn't say you were numbering in order or importance so I wouldn't worry about #3. I love my four season porch that is my oasis. I think for me it is the openness and all the windows and light. A very creative space.